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What is life Supporting System On Earth?

The origin of life is a matter of discussion because no one knows what exactly must have happened millions of years ago. The scientists have given their time to time input and theories regarding the origin of life. Based on these assumptions and scientific research, today the elements of the life-supporting system are well-known to us. The life Supporting System For Living Beings 1. Earth's position in the solar system As we all know the earth is the only planet where life exists. Because it is not far from the sun. The sun is a great source of energy for life. It is at number three position in the solar system which is neither too close nor far from the sun. 2. Oxygen Oxygen is what animals inhale while breathing. It is 21% in the earth's atmosphere. It is required for respiration. It takes an important element in blood circulation. 3. Water Without water, life cannot be imagined. When the earth is formed there is no life, it was water that helped simple organi