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South America Geography & Few Interesting Facts

South America is the fourth biggest mainland in size and the fifth-biggest in the populace. Most of the area of South America is on the southern side of the equator. It is circumscribed by the Atlantic Ocean to  the east and The Pacific Ocean to  the west. The topography of South America is commanded by the Andes Mountain Range and the Amazon River. List of countries of South America 1. Argentina 2. Bolivia 3. Brazil 4. Chile 5. Colombia 6. Ecuador 7. Guyana 8. Paraguay 9. Peru 10. Suriname 11. Uruguay 12. Venezuela Some Facts about South America:  1. The most elevated point in South America is Cerro Aconcagua in the Andes Mountains in Argentina.  2. The biggest South American nation in both size and populace is Brazil.  3. Sao Paulo, in Brazil, is South America's biggest city, which is additionally one of the biggest urban population on the planet.  4. North and South America were named after Italian pioneer Amerigo Vespucci. 

10 Interesting Cattle Facts for Kids

Cattle are large four-legged animals that are domesticated for dairy products and meat. They are also used on farms for cultivating crops. In villages, the bull-cart is made for transferring luggage and people from one place to another. In this blog, you are going to find a few interesting facts about castles. 1. Cattle mainly eat grass. They also eat leftovers from the house. It relies on vegetation for food. Therefore, they are herbivores. 2. In India, Hindus worship cow as a "Gau Mata" which is equivalent to a mother. They do not treat the cow as an animal. 3. The adult one pulling a plow or a wagon is called an Ox. They cannot reproduce because they are castrated. 4. The male who is not castrated is known as a bull. They are very aggressive. Their aggressiveness can be seen during the bullfight. 5. The young female is called a heifer. The adult one is called a cow. 6. The meat of cattle is known as veal or beef. 7. A cow gives birth to