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Childhood With Alcoholic Parents

  Everyone has the right to live his or her life on his or her own terms, and many of us already do. However, things change once we become parents, and we must shift our priorities to prioritise our children in order to provide them with a bright future. Many of us do the same thing, but things become more complicated for an alcoholic who drinks for their own satisfaction and ends up ruining their life as well as the lives of their children. Here are some of the issues that children of alcoholic parents face. Trust Issues: When children have trust issues with their parents, they become less confident and disturbed, and this continues into adulthood or, in some cases, for the rest of their lives. Alcohol Consumption Begins: It has been observed in many cases that the children of alcoholic parents begin consuming alcohol at a young age and progress to an extreme level of consumption. Impact on Performance: Children find it difficult to perform well in school because they do not have thei

5 Best Ways To Make Childhood Memorable

  Childhood is the best time in everyone's life because it is free of constraints and tension, allowing us to do whatever we want. Childhood memories last forever and bring priceless smiles to our faces. Parents play an important role in shaping our childhood memories. If you are a parent looking to add something special to your child's childhood memories, try these ideas. 1. Quality time spent with your child Children have a pure heart and soul, and they are easily pleased with small things. Take some time out of your busy schedule to spend with your children, talk with them, plan activities such as dancing and singing, and make their time special. 2. Humanity Must Be Taught Involve your child in social activities such as assisting the poor, donating food, spending time with orphan children, planting trees, and so on. I know it sounds strange, but believe me when I say that such activities will make your child a better person. 3. Unique Present Give your child something unusua