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10 Facts About Childhood Cancer

Malignant growth (cancer) is rarely found in kids. Adults, especially older people are prone to develop cancerous cells in their bodies. More often than not, pediatricians don't have any idea why children get malignancy. In kids, a hereditary disorder, for example, Down syndrome, can at times build the danger of malignant growth. Here you will find some key facts about childhood cancer. 1. There is almost 1% of cancer patients are children in the world. 2. Leukemias, brain cancers, lymphomas, and neuroblastoma are the most common type of cancers that the child can develop. 3. Leukemia accounts for about 28% of all cancers in children. 4. Brain and spinal cord malignant growth are the second most common cancers in kids, summing up to around 26% of childhood cancers. 5. About 6% of childhood cancers are Neuroblastomas. This type of cancer develops in newborns and young children below 10 years. 6. In high-income countries, 80 to 85% of children with cancer are cured. In low- and midd

7 Tips to Raising a Happy Child

When you search content on childcare and child development, there will be a lot of content on raising successful kids. You will find lesser content on how to keep your child happy. What is the point if your child is successful, but not happy? Happiness and success go hand in hand. Successful people are happy people because they enjoy success, but all successful people are not happy. Discover things that make your children happy and at the same time good for their health and development. Your child won't need to compromise happiness. We have jotted down and made a list of what can make your child happy for life long. 1. Nurture Your Happiness Your happiness will reflect in your children. If you are happy, you behave well with them and you are more likely to forgive them easily for their small mistakes. 2. Guide Children To Build Relationship We all know the importance of relationships, but somehow we don't put our best effort into teaching or guiding them to build relationships.