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How to Strengthen a Father, Son Relationship

In general, our communication with the father is brief and crisp. We don't see often our father elaborate things to stretch into full-fledged stories. This is how we predict an organized conversation with him. Now things have changed as you play multiple roles in the life of your children. Sometimes, you act like a teacher at times, like a friend, and at the same time, you maintain fatherhood. Remember, most of the time you remain the father. You change your role when there is a need arises. 1. Find Different Ways To Spend Time Together Our occupation takes plenty of time. The remaining time should be entitled to the family, especially, with the young kid in our home. There are plenty of ways to spend time together such as gardening, participating in son's after-school activities, or playing a sport together. 2. Be A Good Role Model Son learns so many things at home, especially from his father. Father leaves a great impact on children. A son learns how to manage money matters f

How to Deal with Children’s Disobedience?

You instruct your child. Does the child follow your order immediately? If, yes, it is great. If it doesn't, it is okay too. What if the child just ignores your request or order after instructing once… twice… thrice or even more times! Your blood boils ups and you start yelling at the kid. Later, you regret shouting at your child. You would probably want to learn how to get children to tune in without roaring. The following points assist you in understanding what is happening in your little one's head. 1. Be Quiet However Firm Never lose your temper with the kids. Remember you are much older than the children's siblings. You have to maintain your parental authority. Being authoritative, doesn't permit you to shout. You can still be calm while instructing your child. 2. Get to the Root Cause of The Defiant Behavior Search for what triggers your child to become defiant and attempt to monitor your kid's rebellion. Maybe the child is unhappy about the way you order him o