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Food Chain And Food Web

Every living being on the earth needs the energy to survive. The sun is the source of energy. The plants are autotrophs they get energy from soil, water, and the sunlight. Similarly, animals also need energy. Animals are not autotrophs that is they rely completely on plants and other animals for the energy. Animals get energy when they eat food.  Food Chain The dependency of plants and animals can better be explained with the help of a food chain.  For example   The grass is the food for cattle, the cattle can be the food lions. The lion cannot eat grass. The cattle can not eat lion. In this way the balance of an ecosystem is maintained. The energy is transferred from one living being to another. Food web One animal can be part of more than one food chain. Suppose there are four animals in a food chain. Out of four three can have their presence in another food chain. The multiple food chains, thus form a food web.  For instance, the mouse can be the prey of a cat or a sna

Fun Cat Facts for kids

Cats are the world's most loved and domesticated pets. Kids and pet lovers love the cuteness of the cats. A Cat (feline) is like one of the cutest family members for many. Cats are good companions for those who live alone. Here are a few interesting facts about cats.  1. A feline can bounce around multiple times their tallness. 2. A cat's feeling of smell is multiple times more noteworthy compared to a human.  3. Cats are lazy creatures. The normal cat drowses 16 to 18 hours out of each day. 4. A feline can bounce around 6 to 7 times their tallness.  5. Cats are carnivorous rats and mice are their favorite food. 6. A male feline is known as a "Tom" and a female feline is known as a "Queen." The young baby cats are called Kittens.  7. If a cat falls from the fourth floor, there is a great possibility of survival.      8. Cat Mustaches called vibrissae or whiskers. These are sensory hairs that make cats aware of their surroundings in the da