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10 Facts About Hurricane

1. Hurricanes are the intense storms that cause downpour and strong winds happen all around. 2. Hurricanes are widely known as Tropical Cyclones. In some geographical areas, it is known to be cyclones or typhoons.  3. Hurricanes happen when the hot tropical water of the sea rises up to be replaced by cooler air. The cooler air will then warm and start to rise. The cycle continues to happen. If there is enough warm water.   4. The hurricane season begins from June till November every year in the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean. 5. The speed of a hurricane varies from 74 miles per hour to 155 miles per hour.  6. The area of a hurricane where the heavy clouds are found is called Eye Wall. This is a very dangerous area where the heavy clouds are found and the wind's speed is also the highest. 7. The Hurricanes' rainbands cause a downpour. When it teaches the land it is devastating, causing flood with strong winds all around. 8. A powerful hurricane can be up to 6

Few Interesting Facts About Brain

Our brain is something that can recall millions of things. Have you ever thought that how do we remember the lesson which is taught in our classrooms? We remember a lot of people, their names and behaviors. The memories are stored in the brain. When we suddenly meet a person, friends or acquaintance. We recall the memories of that person stored in the brain. 1. The human mind is secured by the skull. The skull is a defensive packaging for the brain The skull is made up of 22 bones that protect the brain from injuries.  2.  The mind is the focal point of the human sensory system. It regulates and controls our chain of thoughts. The brain gives us analytical power for decision making.  3. The cerebrum is the largest  85% part of the brain. It is divided into two parts.  It is believed by the scientists that the right half of the cerebrum helps us in recognized things like names, colors, and objects. While the left one helps in understanding more complex things like mat