Saber Tooth Tiger facts for kids

1. Saber Tooth Tiger was a ferocious animal with two large saber shaped teeth.
2. Studies suggest that saber tooth tiger specially hunted large animals.
3. Bison (American Buffalo), Musk-oxen, Ground sloths, American Camels, Prong Oxen, extinct hairy elephants, etc., were its prey.
4. Fossil studies say that other species of saber tooth cats might have killed and eaten humans.
5. It was found in North and South America.
6. It existed between 55 million years to 10,000 years ago.
7. It was the primary predator in the woodlands and grasslands.
8. Previous studies of fossils suggest that it became extinct, mainly due to climate change.
9. The scientific name for Saber Tooth Tiger is “Smilodon” which means tooth like a double edge knife.
10. Its two long canines could grow up to 8 inches, which helped in stabbing its prey.
11. The fully grown Saber Tooth Tiger size was about that of a modern-day African Lion.

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