Sibling Rivalry in Kids

Having more than one kid can be a blessing for parents when kids have strong bonding between them. Siblings can be the best of friends and set an example of brotherhood or sisterhood. Ironically, this so-called brotherhood or sisterhood is not found in many families.

If you have more than one kid or having a single kid and planning for another addition to your family, you must read this blog because here we are providing you some facts about sibling rivalry. 

Parent's Worries about children's Rivalry

1. Sibling fights often create chaos in a family.

2. In most cases, parents get emotionally hurt, and children may get physically hurt.

3. If children's grudges against each other do not get sorted out, in the future, they may have poor relationships as adults.

4. Children may become less sensitive about each other and show a lack of empathy or least care for others.

Solving Children's Rivalry

1. Children want your attention. You need to recognize the individual's needs and give individual attention to each one of your children. 

2. You need to assure them that their place is secure with you. You love them equally. No one can snatch your position.

3. Do not try to justify things when the situation gets intense because they won't understand your point.  It is better to separate the children at the place of conflict.

4. If your children are 8 to 10 years old. It is not necessary that every time you intervene sometimes, it is better not to intervene and let them argue and solve the conflict provided it is not a physical fight. 

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