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How to Strengthen a Father, Son Relationship

In general, our communication with the father is brief and crisp. We don't see often our father elaborate things to stretch into full-fledged stories. This is how we predict an organized conversation with him. Now things have changed as you play multiple roles in the life of your children. Sometimes, you act like a teacher at times, like a friend, and at the same time, you maintain fatherhood. Remember, most of the time you remain the father. You change your role when there is a need arises.

1. Find Different Ways To Spend Time Together
Our occupation takes plenty of time. The remaining time should be entitled to the family, especially, with the young kid in our home. There are plenty of ways to spend time together such as gardening, participating in son's after-school activities, or playing a sport together.

2. Be A Good Role Model
Son learns so many things at home, especially from his father. Father leaves a great impact on children. A son learns how to manage money matters from his father. Father's personality often reflects into son. Therefore, if you behave well, your son automatically behaves well. Good behavior strengthens a father-son relationship.

3. Develop Common Interest
Your son would enjoy your company only if you develop a common interest. Talk over about what to do together. Your son’s liking and disliking play an important role in deciding the activity you do together.

4. Work Together On Projects
Engage your kids and yourself at homemaking and working on projects. The project can be a science model or creative art. The child needs your input and suggestions to complete the project on time.

5. Plan An Adventurous Trip
Boys love adventure. If you go together on a summer holiday you can choose a hill station to do adventurous activities. Like tracking, scuba diving, or para shoot gliding.

6. Soften Up The Criticism
If you criticize your son, it may not go down well with him. Criticism is good only at a point when its purpose is the only improvement. Be careful, don’t be a harsh critic.

7. Give Feedback and Suggestion
Suggestions and honest feedback can replace the criticism. These are more friendly terms to strengthen a father-son relationship. Strong opinions work more than harsh criticism.

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