7 Tips For Toddler's Safety At Home

Your children are the most precious gift of God. Parenting is a feeling that is incomparable to anything else in the world. When your baby becomes a toddler, responsibilities add on, and parenting becomes difficult. Young kids are susceptible to danger at home. We may feel like home is the safest place in comparison to other areas. Ironically, home is not the safest place for toddlers. There are some d toddlers. Here are the seven most common dangers at home for toddlers that you may find in your own home.

1. Sharp Object
Sharp objects such as blades, knives, forks can harm your child. Keep them away from your toddler's reach. Do not misplace them after using sharp objects.

2. Dangerous Chemicals

If you use poison at home to kill mosquitoes or cockroaches, you have to be very careful while using chemicals or substances.

3. Stairs and Balcony
Windows, balconies, and stairs should be grilled with iron rods to prevent children from falling. When the child starts crawling, the safety guard in these areas prevents injuries.

4. Door and Furniture
Toddlers can entrap their fingers while shutting doors. Lock the door or open it completely to avoid injuries. If, possible replace your furniture with baby-proof sharp corners.

5. Playful Pets
No doubt, pets are a part of our family. We do not treat them like animals. But to be honest, they are carnivorous. They love to bite bones and chew soft flesh. Pets can attack your baby or toddler anytime. Do not let your child alone with pets.

6. Glass Safety
Your toddler starts running and playing around all over your home. The child is likely to hit the glass door or windows. Apply the shatter-resistant film for windows and doors to provide safety from injuries.

7. Water Safety
Toddlers can drown in bathtubs and brackets easily. Whenever your kid is around water bodies such as swimming pools, bathroom tubs, fountains, constantly supervise and never let your child alone.

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