Ways to educate Underprivileged Children


We cannot eradicate poverty. It is a bitter truth of society. Underprivileged children are found in every country. They are deprived of education, which is the bare necessity of life along with food and clothes. We can offer them a little help to educate them. Here, it is how we can help such children.

1. Start a library with old books
Collect old books from the neighborhood and place them somewhere in your home in a showcase. Offer them snacks and allow them to sit there. Make arrangements so that they can visit again.

2. Become a tutor
Spare at least one hour to become their tutor. You will love your job because you are doing it for a cause. Even though your contribution to society is very small, you will be proud of yourself.

3. Donate clothes and food
Underprivileged children because of poverty are not only unable to afford stuff related to their education. They also need clothes and food to maintain their dignity and health. Offer them something to eat and something new to wear. Your donation will bring a smile to their faces.

4. Sell idle goods
Sell an old piece of furniture, bicycle, or stuff that is no longer useful. Make all the stuff lying idle at home useful to them. You can sell these items to buy something useful for them.

5. Sponsor an impoverished child's education
If you find an underprivileged child promising and you think that the child deserves a quality education. You can save a monthly budget for higher education.

6. Publicize Your Donation
You can publicize your donation to encourage people to take initiative for the improvement of underprivileged children’s life. The more people you bring to charity, the more will be the improvement.

7. Seek volunteer help
You can find some students or young men and women who can donate their time to educate children. You can provide facilities for such people to come forward and take responsibility.

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