10 Facts About Postpartum Depression

 Postpartum depression (PPD) is a serious disorder where physical, emotional, and behavioral changes happen in some women after the baby's birth. Here we are providing you with some information about PPD.


1. It starts somewhere around a month after baby birth.


2. Post-birth anxiety can be treated with prescription and counseling.


3. Post birth anxiety is connected to hormonal, social, and mental changes


4. Around 1 out of 1,000 ladies foster a more difficult condition called post-postpartum psychosis.


5. Temperament swings, exhaustion, rest inconvenience, and appetite change are more apparent side effects of Postpartum wretchedness.


6. Devoid of motherhood. The mother with this disorder does not get attached to her offspring.


7. The mother may not focus on work and is unable to make decisions.


8. The mother can harm herself or her baby.


9. Mothers are vulnerable to the disorder if they have a mentally or physically challenging baby. Having twins or trios, No support from husband.


10. This can affects the entire family father can also feel depressed and the children's health can also be affected.

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