How To Keep Your Child Engaged


During vacations parents want their kids to be engaged in some activity so that they do not create

trouble for them. Children also don’t like to follow the timetable during vacations but here we are

sharing the list of the 5 most engaging activities which you can try with your kids.


Just give them a drawing book, colors, and other necessary drawing tools and ask them to show their creativity. Kids like such types of fun activities. 

You can make it more interesting by organizing a small painting competition between children.


Papercraft is really a fun and engaging activity that enhances the creativity of a child. Initially, you can create and give something to your child so that their curiosity increases towards this activity


Tell encouraging stories to your child so that they get a positive inspiration from such stories. Choose the stories wisely because it creates an impact on your child. In most cases, children want to become like the character of the story.


This activity is great for overall child development. Kids learn calmness, patience, handling things, loving plants, etc. Developing an interest in such activities is beneficial for kids as well as nature.


You can do role-playing with your kids to feel them great. For example, you can be the villain and your child will be the superhero of their favorite tv show. Children never felt bored during such activities.

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