10 Big Ben Facts for Kids


1. Big Ben is the world's biggest four-faced clock. 

2. The clock got functional on seventh September 1859.

3. Big Ben is a famous landmark situated in Westminster, London.

4. The clock inside the Elizabeth Tower is officially known as Great Bell. 

5. Elizabeth Tower and the Great Bell together referred to as Big Ben.

6. Earlier, the tower was called Clock Tower.

7. In 2012, Big Ben tower got its official name Elizabeth Tower.

8. Augustus Pugin and Charles Barry were two architects who took the responsibility for building Big Ben. 

9. The Big Ben chimes at regular interval as given below
Four Quarter Bells – Every quarter-hour 
The Great Bell – Every hour 

10. The Big Ben is 315 feet (96 meters) high. The Great Bell's pendulum is 3.9m long and  300Kg heavy.

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